Contributor Policy

Important Notice.

Adults only - Contributors should be over 18 years of age and able to understand the guidelines, terms, and conditions set out in this document. Should Contributors have any questions, they should be sent to the Editor at and receive full clarity before supplying content for publication.

This policy is designed to protect You, Art-Mantic, and our Audience.


General Guidelines.

Qualifications - The experience levels of participants will vary. The only qualification for inclusion as a contributor is a lived experience of, and a thoughtful approach to Artwork, the wider Art World, the Appreciation of Art, or the pursuit of Creativity.

Diversity - Art-Mantic aims to be as inclusive as possible. When decisions are made about the acceptance of Contributors or Submitted Material, the interest and variety of the Content is the only consideration. There will be NO bias on the basis of creed, colour, gender, spirituality, sexuality, health, or any other inappropriate factor.

​Community - Art-Mantic is about building an inclusive community who actively seek to positively contribute to discussion about the Arts and the Creative Life. While we acknowledge not everything in life is positive, we try to remain empathetic, positive and helpful wherever we can. This is not a place to bemoan our lot, but to celebrate, and to lend each other a hand wherever we can.

Respect - There are a number of Contributors to the blog. Please remember each person is giving their own view. It is not a competition. Criticism of the views of others will not be included, and you should never feel that you have to defend your own view from other Contributors. Comments made in response to blog posts should be thoughtful and respectful. Disagreement is perfectly ok, disrespect is not. Any inappropriate, harmful, or disrespectful comments may not be published or may be deleted and repeat offenders may be blocked from the site or social media at the Editor's discretion. Offensive comments made by readers of the blog will also be removed.

Fees - Nobody is charged a fee to be a Contributor, or to have a link on the Contributors page if their Content is accepted. Likewise, nobody is paid for content. This is a place designed to be a melting pot for ideas, opinions, and inspiration. Art-Mantic reserves the right to introduce or amend Submission fees in the future. If this happens, fees will not be levied against those who are actively approached by the Editor, nor will they be applied retrospectively.

Buy Me A Coffee - It is hoped that Art-Mantic Contributors and / or Viewers/Readers may wish to support the project by buying the Editor a coffee using the link at the bottom of each page of the website. This is in no way obligatory. Buying a coffee for the Editor does not make it more likely that one person’s content will be accepted over another’s.

​ Guidelines for Submission of Recorded Content.

Authenticity - Art-Mantic is dedicated to conversations about Art and / or living a life that is dedicated to creative careers or pursuits. These conversations and the comments made are based upon the individual, first-hand experience of the Contributors. Opinions should be honestly held and shared with respect. If you want to talk about something you have seen or read elsewhere, please make it clear that you are doing so, who it belongs to, where it was published or seen, and that opinions about it are your own. Credit should ALWAYS be given where it’s due.

Personal Boundaries - To speak, publicly or otherwise, takes courage. This is particularly true if our feelings about Art involve deep emotion or personal stories. It is important that participants acknowledge their own boundaries and either state if they are uncomfortable discussing something further, or steer the conversation accordingly. Nobody will be pressured into sharing more than they intend.

Offence - Mistakes happen, particularly during unrehearsed conversations. Some comments, words, or ideas may unintentionally offend. We will do our best to acknowledge when this happens and use it as an opportunity to learn. If we catch it during recording, we may need to re-record footage that is more appropriate for publication. If it comes to light that large scale offence has been caused after publication, the Editor will have a discussion with the Contributor and plan whether to remove footage, or release further footage issuing explanations or apologies as appropriate to the circumstances.

​Subjects of Content – As a Contributor you are an active participant who knows your practice better than anyone. When considering content for a recorded conversation, agreement should be reached between he Contributor and the Editor prior to filming. The Editor will hold a brief conversation with you about mutual ideas prior to recording footage during a zoom meeting. A list of all ideas will be kept by the Editor and the colour of the text will be changed to denote whether the subjects are planned, recorded, or complete and uploaded to the website and social media channels. This list will be kept strictly confidential. It is your right to view a copy of this list at any time.

​Supplying your own footage – You may wish to submit a recording of your own. Contact should be made with the Editor BEFORE sending the Content in. Agreement to accept a video submission for review does not guarantee publication. You must be aware that you and any other participants in your Submission must be aware of, and comply with all items set out in this policy.


Guidelines for Submission of Written Content.

Content – Content should be relevant to you and your practice. It should be original and, by submitting it for publication, you are confirming that you are the owner of the work, hold the copyright, have the legal right to use the information, and have not been prohibited from publishing it elsewhere.

Subjects – Should largely be about "behind the scenes" issues, and not blatant sales pitches. Articles can, however, refer to larger bodies of work, links to which could be included as part of the Editorial introduction to your article. If in doubt, please contact the Editor before writing so that more detailed advice can be sought.

Language – While understanding that the internet is International by Nature, the working language of Art-Mantic is English. Hence all submissions to this publication must be supplied in English. This does not prohibit Contributors or potential Contributors from Submitting the same Submission to other publishers in other languages.

Clarity – All articles should be clearly written with good observation of English grammar and spelling. Paragraphs and headings and subtitles should be used where appropriate. Capital letters are generally avoided save for the sake of clarity. While the Editor will read submitted articles, Art-Mantic does not offer a proof-reading or Editing service. Sloppy writing will result in rejection of your submission.

Text – Text should appear professional, be single spaced, and use a clear font such as Times New Roman or Arial. If published to the site, the font and size will automatically switch to the website default, so your aim here is clarity.

Length - Articles should be between 250 and 1500 words in length.

Referencing – If quoting from other publications, quotes should be indented, and placed in speech marks. This should be followed by the name of the Author, and the title of the book or publication.

Format – All written material should be supplied in a Word Document. Any images should be contained within this document and not supplied separately.


Terms of Acceptance

Contributor Categories - You may be accepted as a Guest Contributor, or as a Regular Contributor. In either case, once accepted for publication, you will be required to provide one image, either of yourself or a piece of work that you feel represents your practice and one link to a website or social media channel.

If accepted as a Guest Contributor - Your image and links will appear on the blog post and social media posts relating to your content. These links are there so that interested parties can contact you directly about your work / sales information, etc.

If accepted as a Regular Contributor - Your image will be displayed on the Contributors Page on the website, along with your name, title and a one-line description of your practice. One link to a website or social media channel will be used so that interested parties can click on your image and be transported in a new window to the destination of your choice where they can contact you directly about work / sales information etc. Art-Mantic will make this freely available and will not charge you a fee for doing so.

Keeping Art-Mantic Informed - It is imperative that you let the Editor know if your desired links need to be changed. Broken links not only affect you if people can’t find you, they also damage the integrity of the Art-Mantic site. Links will be reviewed periodically. If a Regular Contributor has not added content to the site for some time their link may be removed from the Contributors page without warning. The best way to keep a link on the Contributors page is to stay involved.

Sharing Content - When sharing content from Art-Mantic, please share links that come back to the blog posts on the Art-Mantic Website or Social Media Channels. This whole idea is about helping each other out, giving each other a showcase, and growing audiences for everyone involved. The more successful this site is, the more everyone benefits.



Disclaimer - Art-Mantic will under no circumstances be held liable as a result of material either submitted to or published on its blog or social media channels, or be held to account for content or accuracy by users. Should the Editor receive notification that any content might be libellous, or might constitute a legal violation, an investigation will be undertaken. Should that investigation support the notification, the material concerned will be removed from the website and social media channels as soon as is practicable.

Copyright – By submitting written articles or participating in filmed footage you, as contributor, guarantee that you are the original copyright holder of the work or original content and have the legal right to use the information. Art-Mantic has no legal liability regarding copyright claims, but the Editor will remove material if advised of breaches as soon as is practicable.

Reservation of rights – Art-Mantic reserves the right to accept, reject, or remove any material submitted for publication without explanation. Art-Mantic also reserves the right to amend this policy where necessary. You are advised to check it regularly.

License for publication – By submitting work or agreeing for filmed footage to be used, you grant Art-Mantic non-exclusive perpetual rights to publish such material in any format and without royalty. This includes publication on the website, social media channels, and print, as long as you are credited as the supplier and owner of the content and links to make contact with you directly are available either in writing, on film, or on the contributors’ page of the website.

Acknowledgement – You acknowledge that any breaches of the points raised above may cause damage and loss and you agree to indemnify Art-Mantic in full against third party liabilities, claims, loss or damage as a direct result of publishing material submitted by yourself, including consequential loss.



Should you have any queries, please contact