What do YOU think of Art-Mantic?

Wow, there’s a brave headline! But what YOU think really matters to me.

I started this project because I felt there was a gap in the conversation. I wanted small servings of honest, nutritious, conversation, that would help me understand the way other artists thought and worked. I wanted to deepen those relationships and my understanding over time.

That is happening for me. Is it happening for YOU?

Am I asking the questions YOU want asked?

Are there things YOU think I could do better? Or differently?

I have always been honest about the fact that I am an artist with no training in film making, so this project has been a huge learning curve. I want everyone involved to have a voice, and that doesn’t just include me and the Contributing Artists, it includes YOU!

At 8 weeks since launch it is still early days. We are taking baby steps out of lockdown and we are all adjusting. This change is beginning to affect the project as well as our daily lives. For example, earlier this week I drove across Dartmoor National Park to go and visit one of our Artists, Jane Pine, in her Studio. It was wonderful to meet someone in person and see an Artist directly in their place of work. I can’t wait to share the films we made there with you.

Does that sound interesting?

It took a huge amount of bravery for me to get the project this far. I’m not someone who naturally stands out front or looks for a spotlight. But here I am, in all my nakedness, asking…is this good enough?

Art-mantic is all about authenticity, and open, respectful, discussion. I really want YOU to be part of that conversation, so if something springs to mind, don’t be afraid to comment, either here or on a social media post. If there was something YOU wanted me to ask an artist, comment, or send a message. I’ll ask them!

I have said all along, this isn’t something I can do alone. I do the vast majority of it on an entirely voluntary basis. It takes a huge amount of work so it has to have value. I genuinely want to get this right for myself, for the Artists, and for the Audience.

If YOU are reading this, YOU are already a part of Art-Mantic. YOUR voice matters, too. So, what do YOU think?

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